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A List of Favorites - Food and Drink

Let's talk about food!

Favorite fast food restaurant - McDonald's

Favorite ice cream flavor - Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite chocolate candy - Peanut M&Ms

Favorite fruity candy - Fruity Mentos

Favorite flavor Starburst - Pink

Favorite dish at Olive Garden - I don't know if they still make it but I ordered a dish once that was like 3 stuffed lasagna rolls and they were amazing! I do love their house salad and bread sticks, though.

Favorite kind of sushi - I don't really care for sushi. Give me some tempura shrimp any day.

Favorite Asian dish - General Tso's Chicken. There's a place in town called Dragon River that makes the best dish of it I've ever had.

Favorite Italian dish - This is almost impossible and unfair. I love Italian dishes so much. If I had to pick? I'd say maybe like a really good Manicotti. If it's good pasta with good sauce and good cheese, I'm there.

Favorite food of all time - This is another really hard one and I might be cheating a bit but I'm going to say burgers in all their infinite glory is something I could eat on the regular and be okay with.

Favorite way to cook a steak - I grew up having my steaks cooked medium well. I never knew what I was missing out on! If I'm preparing it? I go as close to rare as I can safely. If I'm ordering it? I ask for medium rare just to be careful. Oh the flavor!

Favorite pasta dish - This seems unfair. I just talked about Italian dishes. So I'm going to cheat and say Chicken Pad Thai. Take that list of questions!

Favorite cookie - I grew up calling them mud cookies. Others have called them chocolate no-bakes or chocolate drop cookies. They're just the best.

Favorite fast food French fries - 5 Guys' Cajun fries are unbeatable

Favorite cereal - There's been so many favorites over the years and I honestly haven't had a lot of them in a long time but I think the raining champion has to be Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Favorite breakfast food - These impossible questions are getting out of hand. I love breakfast! Let's go with...a breakfast sandwich. Could be on an English Muffin or a croissant, could be bacon or sausage, but I love me some breakfast sandwiches.

Favorite pizza toppings - Pepperoni, tomatoes and garlic are a solid win for me

Favorite fruit - Pineapple

Favorite vegetable - Peas I can eat right off the vine

Favorite dessert - Coconut Cream Pie

Favorite comfort food - Cheeseburgers

Favorite way to eat bacon - With my mouth I guess? Chewy bacon please. I don't care for it crispy

Favorite thing at a buffet - Every buffet I've been to is so different. There's some in town with more Asian-style foods and their chicken dishes are amazing.

Favorite pumpkin-flavored treat - Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin milkshake is a close second

Favorite dish at Thanksgiving - You know? It might be stuffing. But for me, it's not Thanksgiving without crescent rolls. I need them!

Favorite cake - A nice, fluffy vanilla cake with custard between the layers and a funfetti frosting is hard to beat

Favorite ice cream sundae toppings - Hot fudge, crushed peanuts. You ever had a peanut buster parfait?

Favorite thing to cook - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Favorite soda - I'm gonna go classic Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. There's truly nothing better.

Favorite alcoholic drink - Depends on the moment. I'm a frugal drinker. Vodka is my hard alcohol of choice. If I'm hitting the bar with friends I usually order a long island (super effective). If I'm having a nice dinner, it's all about the wine. Maybe a nice red blend with a heavier meal or a chilled pinot grigio on a warm day. There's this sparkling water brand called White Claw. Their stuff is amazing.

Favorite drink at Starbucks - I don't really like coffee at all so their fruit refreshers are the best I got

Favorite flavor coffee - Haven't found one yet I didn't hate

And that's that. Thanks for joining me in my crazy world. Are there any other favorites you want to know about? Just let me know!

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