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Surviving my first tattoo

Received my first tattoo yesterday and lo and behold? It was freaking awesome. The time leading into it was filled with and equal level of unbridled excitement and boundless anxiety while I pondered the unknown. And in the end? It was a walk in the park. My artist was amazing. With a brief explanation of what I wanted and a simple image as inspiration he drew up the concept, blew my mind and we were on our way. Fate stepped in and tried to deter the whole process, though. Thanks to insane wind speeds, my first appointment had to be cancelled and rescheduled because wouldn't you know it? You can't use a tattoo gun without electricity running through it. How strange. But the rescheduled appointment came soon enough and it was time to follow through for real. I got comfy, gave the go ahead and was surprised how...inconsequential the pain was. I mean yeah, it hurt. The whole time. But it wasn't much and the time blew by far faster than I expected. I've always resonated with the concept of balance in all things. Good needs evil. Light needs darkness. Yin needs Yang. Without one, the other would be as nothing and the world would fade into a sad nothingness.

The healing is interesting. Kind of like if I pulled a muscle in my shoulder the same day I got a really bad sunburn. But every time I look at it, it hardly matters. This thing is so amazing and I love it too damn much to care it stings a bit.

This adventure is far from over for me. I'm beyond excited for the future pursuit of my beliefs turned living art. Can't wait for the next one.

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