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Welcome to MemCor

Now you can buy happiness!

MemCor City

MemCor is a company that is proud of its origins. Founded in the pursuit of peace across the globe, MemCor is the only company to ever fully understand the human mind. We are the only choice when it comes to leaving the ghosts of the pass behind and moving on to a brighter day.


MemCor is committed to your happiness. We strive every day to meet the demands of the public and ensure you get the treatment you need to live the life you've always dreamed of.


With humanity pushed to the brink of extinction, we now work everyday to return this world to its former glory. Everything we do pushes us closer to the goal of returning ourselves to the once proud state we had achieved before the crumbling of society. Please join us. Schedule your memory cleansing today so you can help build the world of tomorrow!

Our Mission:

To provide the highest-quality memory wipes to meet the highest hopes of our customers, ensuring the future of our once great species.


Our Vision:

To purge the world of all of the negativity that plagues it.

Our Guarantee:

  • Zero negative, pain causing memories

  • Unquestioned cooperation of all MemCor City inhabitants

  • The future survival of all MemCor loyalists

  • Complete and total obedience

Important Public Service Announcements!

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